11:15-11:20      Welcome and Introduction

11:20-11:40      Predictive Modeling based Power Estimation for Embedded Multicore Systems
                         Sriram Sankaran

11:40-12:00     Curbing the Roofline: a Scalable and Flexible Architecture for CNNs on FPGA

                         Paolo Meloni, Deriu Gianfranco, Francesco Conti, Igor Loi, Luca Benini and Luigi Raffo

12:00-12:20      Power and Clock Gating Modelling in Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Systems
Tiziana Fanni, Carlo Sau, Paolo Meloni, Luigi Raffo and Francesca Palumbo

12:20-12:40      An Energy‐Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Real-Time Near-Optimal UAV Path Planning

                          Daniele Palossi, Michele Furci, Roberto Naldi, Andrea Marongiu, Lorenzo Marconi and Luca Benini

12:40-12:55     (Invited) Energy reduction in video systems – The GreenVideo project

                          Maxime Pelcat, Erwan Nogues and Xavier Ducloux