Call for Papers: Analysis of Performance and Power for Highly Parallel Systems

Special Issue of Concurreny and Computation Practice and Experience (CCPE)

This special issue will be focused on how performance and power properties of modern highly parallel systems can be analyzed using state-of-the-art modeling and analysis techniques, and real-world applications and tools. Complex, hierarchical architectures are now the standard for almost all highly parallel computer systems. Without a good grip on relevant performance limitations any optimization attempt is just a shot in the dark. Hence, it is vital to fully understand the performance properties and bottlenecks that come about with clustered multi- & many-core, multi-socket nodes. Another crucial aspect of modern systems is the complex interplay between power constraints and the need for compute performance.

The challenges ahead are many-fold as systems scale in size. While parallelism is increasing, memory systems, interconnection networks, storage, and uncertainties in programming models all add to the complexities. More rapid realization of energy savings will require significant increases in measurement resolution and optimization techniques. The interplay between performance, power, and reliability also leads to complex trade-offs.

Of particular interest are papers that: identify and analyze novel ideas rather than providing incremental advances in the following areas:

- Performance modeling techniques at core, socket, node, and system levels

- State-of-the-art tools for analyzing performance and power

- Novel techniques that enable power and/or energy optimizations

- Experiences from current large-scale systems and applications

- Analysis of future technologies that will provide improved energy efficiency

Submission Guidlines

Work that is submitted to this special issue must not have been previously published or currently being considered by other journal or conference venues. However, the papers that have been previously published with reputed conferences can be considered for publication in the special issue if they are substantially revised with at least 30% new content. Every submitted paper will receive at least three reviews.

There is a 20 page max length limit (12 point single space, inclusive of figures and tables). Either LaTeX or Word submissions will be accepted (Wiley has templates that can be used by authors). Submissions should be made through Manuscript Central ( and must refer to "PPHPS 2012 special issue" in step 4 of the submission process. Submission guidelines can be found at ( Please also note the additional instructions for submission to CCPE special issues found at

Important Dates

Submission deadline: Final July 30th 2012 August 13th 2012
Notification of acceptance: September 16th 2012 Delayed until October 17th 2012
Final Papers due: November 11th 2012
Final Decisions: December 14th 2012

Guest Editors

Georg Hager University of Erlangen, Germany
Darren J. Kerbyson Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Abhinav Vishnu Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Gerhard Wellein University of Erlangen, Germany