Workshop on


Large-Scale Parallel Processing (LSPP)


Friday 23rd April, 2010

Preliminary Schedule


Invited Keynote Presentation

8:30 Blue Waters: An Extraordinary Computing Resource for Advanced Science & Engineering
Thom H. Dunning, Jr. National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Illinois.


Session 1: Computing with GPUs

9:30 Efficient Lists Intersection by CPU-GPU Cooperative Computing
D. Wu, F. Zhang, N. Ao, G. Wang, X. Liu, Jing Liu, Nankai University

10:00 Coffee Break

Session 1: Computing with GPUs (continued)

10:30 High Precision Integer Multiplication with a GPU
N. Emmart, C. Weems, University of Massachusetts

11:00 Large Neighborhood Local Search Optimization on Graphics Processing Units
T. Van Luong, N. Melab, E. Talbi, INRIA Lille Nord Europe, CNRS/LIFL University of Lille

11:30 Fast GPU Algorithms for Graph Connectivity
J. Soman, K. Kothapalli, P.J. Narayanan, Int. Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad

12:00 Lunch Break

Session 2: Node Level Issues

1:30 An Efficient Associative Processor Solution to an Air Traffic Control Problem
M. Yuan, J.W. Baker, L. Neiman, F. Drews, W. Meilander, Kent State University

2:00 Analyzing the Trade-off between Multiple Memory Controllers and Memory Channels on Multi-core Processor Performance, J.C. Sancho, M. Lang, D.J. Kerbyson, Los Alamos

2:30 Multicore-aware parallel temporal blocking of stencil codes for shared and distributed memory
M. Wittman, G. Hager, G. Wellein, University of Erlangen

3:00 Coffee Break

Session 3: Large-scale Systems

3:30 Scalable Parallel I/O Alternatives for Massively Parallel Partitioned Solver Systems, J. Fu, N. Liu, O. Sahni, K.E. Jansen, M.S. Shephard, C.D. Carothers, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

4:00 Performance analysis of Sweep3D on Blue Gene/P with the Scalasca toolset
B.J.N. Wylie, D. Boehme, B. Mohr, Z. Szebenyi, F. Wolf, J´┐Żlich Supercomputing Centre

4:30 To Upgrade or not to Upgrade? Catamount vs. Cray Linux Environment
S.D. Hammond, G.R. Mudalige, J.A. Smith, J.A. Davis, S.A. Jarvis, J. Holt, I. Miller, A. Herdman, A. Vadgama, University of Warwick, Atomic Weapons Establishment, UK

5:00 Closing Remarks


Organized by: Darren J. Kerbyson, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ram Rajamony, IBM Austin Research Labs
Charles Weems, University of Massachusetts, Amhurst