Workshop on

Large-Scale Parallel Processing (LSPP)

Friday 24th May, 2013

Preliminary Schedule


Invited Keynote Presentation

8:15        From Sensors to Smartphones to Servers to Supercomputers
Eric Van Hensbergen, ARM

Session 1: Performance Analysis and Optimization

9:00        Inferring Large-scale Computation Behavior via Trace Extrapolation, L. Carrington, M. Laurenzano, A.N. Tiwari, San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA

9:30        Systematic Reduction of Data Movement in Algebraic Multigrid Solvers, H. Gahvari, W.D. Gropp, K. Jordan, M. Schulz, U. Yang, University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign & IBM T.J. Watson Research Center & Lawrence Livermore National Lab, USA

10:00      Coffee Break

Session 2: Modeling Performance for Scaling

10:30      Dataset Scaling and MapReduce Performance, F. Zhang, M.F. Sakr, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

11:00      Tabulated equations of state with a many-tasking execution model, M. Anderson, M. Brodowicz, H. Kaiser, B. Adelstein-Lelbach, T.L. Sterling, Indiana & Louisiana State University, USA

11:30      Toward Automatic Optimized Code Generation for Multiprecision Modular Exponentiation on a GPU, N. Emmart, C. Weems, University of Massachusetts, USA

12:00      Lunch Break

Invited Talk

1:30        Tracking the Performance Evolution of Blue Gene Systems, D.J. Kerbyson;, K.J. Barker, D.S. Gallo, D. Chen, J.R. Bruneheroto, K. Dong Ryu, G.L. Chiu, A. Hoisie, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory & IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA

Session 3: Large-Scale Systems

2:00        An Evaluation of Different IO Techniques for Checkpoint/Restart, F. Shahzad, M. Wittman, T. Zeiser; Georg Hager, G. Wellein, University of Erlangen, Germany

2:30        Application Explorations for Future Interconnects, R.F. Barrett, C. Vaughan, S. Hammond, D. Roweth, Sandia National Laboratories & Cray, USA

3:00        Coffee Break

Session 4: Scheduling

3:30        High Performance Adaptive Distributed Scheduling Algorithm, A. Narang, A. Srivastav; R.K. Shyamasundar, IBM India Research & Tata Inst. Fundamental Research, India

4:00        Scalable Self-Scheduling Schemes on Large-Scale Clusters, Y. Han, A. Chronopoulos, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

4:30        Closing Remarks

Workshop Chairs: Darren J. Kerbyson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
      Ram Rajamony, IBM Austin Research Labs
      Charles Weems, University of Massachusetts, Amherst