SC23 BOF on
HPC Graph Toolkits and the GraphBLAS Forum

Wednesday, November 15, 2022
5.15 PM - 6.45 PM 
Denver Convention Center
Room 405-406-407
Denver, CO


Government agencies, industry and academia are demanding a new generation of tools to efficiently solve large scale analytics problems in a variety of business, scientific and national security applications. This BoF gathers the community developing high-performance frameworks and workflows for large scale graph analytics to survey current approaches, identify new challenges and opportunities, and discuss interoperability of emerging infrastructures. A central goal is developing requirements and recommendations for future tools. As in previous editions, this BoF will explore and compare and contrast conventional implementations as well as algebraic approaches, inviting the GraphBLAS community to discuss its state and evolution.

Organizers: José Moreira (IBM),  Tim Mattson (Retired), John Feo (PNNL), Antonino Tumeo (PNNL)


Time Event
17:15Welcome and Introduction
Antonino Tumeo (PNNL), José Moreira (IBM)
17:15 - 17:45Updates on GraphBLAS

Updates on the math and C specifications
Tim Mattson (Retired)

GraphBLAS 2023 C++ Specifications
Benjamin Brock (Intel)

Update on SuiteSparse graphBLAS
Tim Mattson (retired), on behalf of Tim Davis (Texas A&M)
17:45 - 18:15HPC Graph Toolkits for Government and Industry

Updates on DOD/DOE Programs on Data Analytics
Marco Minutoli (PNNL)

Updates on distributed C++ data structures (SHAD)
Vito Giovanni Castellana (PNNL)
18:15 - 18:45Program Managers Panel - Moderator: John Feo (PNNL)
The key role of High Performance Data and Graph Analytics for Government
Almadena Chtchelkanova (NSF), Bill Harrod (IARPA), Kalyan Perumalla (DOE)