Workshop on Modeling & Simulation of Systems and Applications
August 10-12, 2016 ♦ University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

ModSim 2016: Gathering to Build a Community

This workshop—now in its fifth year—has been convened to address the role of modeling and simulation methods, hereafter ModSim, in guiding the optimal co-design of exascale systems and applications. As part of this event, invited participants will:

This annual meeting has become a valuable forum for assessing overall ModSim research progress while also enlightening areas in need of increased emphasis.

Please note that attendance to the workshop is strictly by invitation only. See the CFP page for more details.

ModSim 2016 Organizing Committee
Adolfy Hoisie (PNNL, Chair); Rich Carlson, DOE/SC; Laura Carrington, SDSC; Bruce Childers, University of Pittsburgh; Jon Hiller, STA; Darren Kerbyson, PNNL; Martin Schulz, LLNL; Dolores Shaffer, STA; Ankur Srivastava, UMD; Jeffrey Vetter, ORNL and Georgia Tech; Noel Wheeler, DoD; and Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Georgia Tech

ModSim 2016 Steering Committee
Almadena Chtchelkanova, NSF; Adolfy Hoisie, PNNL (Organizing Committee, Chair); Sue Kelly, DOE/NNSA/ASC; Dolores Shaffer, STA; and Noel Wheeler, DoD

For a closer look at ModSim 2015, visit the website:
Download the ModSim 2015 report here.