Workshop on Multithreaded Architectures and Applications
Held in Conjunction with the
International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium

Workshop Organizers

Luiz DeRose (Cray)
Jarek Nieplocha (PNNL)


Multithreading (MT) programming and execution models are starting to permeate the high-end and mainstream computing scene. This trend is driven by the need to increase processor utilization and deal with the memory-processor speed gap. Recent and upcoming examples architectures that fit this profile are Cray's XMT, IBM Cyclops, and several SMT processors from Sun (UltraSparc T1), IBM (Power6), Intel (Xeon with hyperthreading). The underlying rationale to increase processor utilization is a varying mix of new metrics that take performance improvements as well as better power and cost budgeting into account. Yet, it remains a challenge to identify and productively program applications for these architectures with a resulting substantial performance improvement. This workshop intends to identify applications that are amenable to MT and the MT programming and execution models as well as the underlying architectures on which they can thrive. The workshop seeks to explore programming frameworks in the form of MT languages and libraries, compilers, analysis and debugging tools to increase the programming productivity.

Next Meeting

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Past Meetings

The first MTAAP workshop was held in Long Beach, California, March 30, 2007.   MTAAP'07 program and slides.

The second MTAAP workshop was held in Miami, April 18, 2008.  MTAAP'08 program and slides.