ASCR Workshop

Workshop Agenda

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013
07:30-08:15 a.m.Registration, Welcome Cedar Room
08:15-08:30 a.m.Introduction to the Modeling and Simulation WorkshopAdolfy HoisieCedar Room
08:30-08:45 a.m.ASCR ChargeWilliam HarrodCedar Room
Invited Talks (Motivational)
08:45-09:15 a.m.Modeling DRAM and FLASH power and resiliency for Exascale SystemsTrevor MudgeCedar Room
09:15-09:45 a.m.Cross-Layer Modeling Framework for Energy-Efficient ResiliencePradip BoseCedar Room
09:45-10:15 a.m.LLNL/ASC's Activities and Requirements in Critical Technologies for Modeling and SimulationMartin SchulzCedar Room
10:15-10:30 a.m.Break / Move to Parallel Session
Parallel Sessions 1: 10:30a.m.-12:00p.m.
Session 1A Session 1B Session 1C
Modeling Methods Empirical Methods Simulation / Hardware
Combining Aspen with Massively Parallel Simulation for Effective Exascale Co-Design
Chris Carothers
The HPC Decathlon Assessment Measure: A Proposal to Define a New Composite Benchmark for High Performance Computing, Storage, Networking and Analysis
Satoshi Matsuoka
Simulation of Exascale Nodes through Runtime Hardware Monitoring
Joseph Greathouse
Viewing Application/Machine Interactions through Computational Idioms
Bill Ward
Generalized roofline analysis
Richard Vuduc
An Evaluation Methodology for Exascale Memory Systems
Ronald Dreslinski
Compiler-Based Approach for Automated Performance Modeling
Didem Unat
At Exascale, Will Bandwidth Be Free?
Samuel Williams
Towards A Standard Architectural Simulation Framework: A Call to Arms
Arun Rodrigues
Application-specific Modeling of Performance and Power in Concert
Kevin Barker
Auto-Generation of Exascale Traces and Benchmarks
Frank Mueller
Accelerating Excascale Simulation with Virtualization
Ali Saidi
Parallel Sessions Summary/Discussions (there will be 6 topical tracks, some spanning more than one session)
12:30-01:30 p.m.Industrial Panel / Working Lunch
Invited Talks (State-of-the-Art)
01:30-02:00 p.m.Next Generation Middleware for Distributed Exascale Computing Infrastructure: The Role of Modeling and SimulationShantenu JhaCedar Room
02:00-02:30 p.m.Can Application Verification and Validation (V and V) Techniques apply to Hardware Simulation?William RiderCedar Room
02:30-03:00 p.m.Graphite Fast Performance and Energy Modeling for Multicore and Manycore ProcessorsJason MillerCedar Room
Summary / Plans / Recap Aims for the Community
03:00-04:45 p.m.Brief presentations from each agency, Discussions, Recap and plansCommittee lead, All to participateCedar Room
04:45-05:00 p.m.Day 1, Closing remarksAdolfy HoisieCedar Room

Thursday, September 19th, 2013
08:00-08:30 a.m.Recap of goals, brief summary of first day and homeworkAdolfy Hoisie / CommitteeCedar Room
Parallel Sessions 2: 08:30a.m.-10:00a.m.
Session 2A Session 2B Session 2C
Dynamic Modeling Emulation Simulation
Exploring Machine Learning Techniques For Dynamic Modeling on Future Exascale Systems
Leon Song
Emulating Exascale Conditions on Today’s Platforms
Martin Schulz
Simulation of Terabit Data Flows for Exascale Applications
Eun-Sung Jung
Modeling and Simulation of Exascale Systems and Applications
Thomas Sterling
The Role of FPGAs in Exascale Research
Ron Sass
Simulation Acceleration for Extreme Concurrency Parallel Applications Using Representative Sampling
Khaled Ibrahim
Easing the Burden of Exascale Co-Design With Tools
Nathan Tallent
A Multi-resolution Emulation + Simulation Methodology
Eric Bohm
Functional Simulator for Exascale System Research
Romain Cledat
MUSA: A Multiscale Simulation Approach for Exascale Computing
Marc Casas
Fast Exploration of Silicon Photonic Network Designs for Exascale Systems
Keren Bergman
A Comprehensive Timing, Power, Thermal, and Reliability Model for Exascale Node Architectures
Brad Beckmann
10:00-10:30 a.m.
Parallel Session 2 Summary/Discussions (some are continuation of discussions from yesterday)
10:30-10:45 a.m.Break
Invited Talks (Overview)
10:45-11:15 a.m. OCCAM: Is there a future for open access curation for simulation, experimentation, and evaluation Bruce ChildersCedar Room
11:15-11:45 a.m.Design Space Exploration with Proxy/Proto Architecture Models and miniAppsJames AngCedar Room
11:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m.Mapping the Future of Computer Modeling and SimulationNoel WheelerCedar Room
12:15-01:00 p.m.Lunch
Parallel Sessions 3 01:00p.m.-02:00p.m.
Session 3A Session 3B Session 3C
Dynamic Modeling Empirical Methods Simulation / Resilience
Research Towards a Resilient and Energy Efficient Exascale Runtime System
Laura Carrington
Resource-Oriented Performance Analysis
Greg Bronevetsky
Modeling Computational Noise in Near Threshold Computing for Resilient Exascale Algorithms
David Zhang
Self-Aware/Self-Adaptive OS/R for Exascale Systems
Roberto Gioiosa
Building Models from Measurement with Multi-domain Correlation
Todd Gamblin
Quantitative Modeling of Data Structure Vulnerability With an Application-Centric Approach
Dong Li
Actionable Performance Modeling for Future Supercomputers
Eric Bohm
Towards a Holistic Data Center Simulator
Sriram Sankar
A Hardware/Software Performance/Resilience/Power Co-Design Tool for Extreme-scale Computing
Christian Engelmann
02:00-02:30 p.m.
Parallel Session 3 Summary/Discussions
02:30-02:45 p.m. Break
02:45-05:00 p.m.Discussion, Summary, Document Preparation and Future PlansCommittee lead, all to participateCedar Room