Workshop on Modeling & Simulation of Systems and Applications
August 09-11, 2017 ♦ University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

ModSim 2017: Guiding the Future of Systems and Applications and Enriching the HPC Community

Over the past several years, this workshop has contributed to the expansion of the modeling and simulation (ModSim) research community by providing a close forum for analyzing how ModSim methods can impact applications and systems evolution.

Heading into its sixth year, this edition of the ModSim workshop will have a unique structure. We will begin with a bit of retrospective reflection, examining how predictive ModSim methods and tools impact the larger computational science field by tracking complex changes that affect both software and hardware design. We also will look to the future by analyzing how ModSim will help systems and applications “beyond Moore’s Law.” Finally, we will try to shed light on the frequently posed question: what does it really mean to achieve exascale? Given this community’s expertise, we will address this question by examining metrics and from integrated perspectives in the performance, energy-efficiency, and resilience requirements space, as well as from the systems and applications points of view.

We look forward to engaging the still-growing community as we assess how far we have come and examine the road ahead for ModSim research and development.

This year’s ModSim workshop is strictly an invitation-only event.

ModSim 2017 Organizing Committee
  • Adolfy Hoisie (PNNL, Chair)
  • Rich Carlson, DOE/SC
  • Laura Carrington, SDSC
  • Bruce Childers, University of Pittsburgh
  • Darren Kerbyson, PNNL
  • Martin Schulz, LLNL
  • Ankur Srivastava, UMD
  • Jeffrey Vetter, ORNL and Georgia Tech
  • Noel Wheeler, DoD
  • Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Georgia Tech
ModSim 2017 Steering Committee
  • Rich Carlson, DOE/SC
  • Almadena Chtchelkanova, NSF
  • Robert Hoekstra, NNSA
  • Adolfy Hoisie, PNNL
  • Noel Wheeler, DoD

For a closer look at ModSim 2016, visit the website.