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Download the Global Arrays Toolkit

The Global Arrays toolkit is a free software, but before using it please read the disclaimer and license.

Latest Stable Release

The current releases (5.6.5) and (5.7) are available, as are the previous versions. The Release Notes for all versions are available on the website.

Register Your Download

Please fill out the registration form to download this software. In case of any problems related to the registration or download process, send an email message describing the problem to: .

Please refer to the Global Arrays support page for the most recent information on using the package on different platforms.

GitHub Access

As of the GA 5.6 release our development has moved to GitHub. The master branch represents the latest release and tags are use to indicate all releases. The latest stable pre-release development efforts can be found in the 'develop' branch. Other development can be found in various feature branches beginning with the prefix 'feature/'.

(Deprecated) Subversion Access

We provide anonymous SVN access to most release branches. Anonymous checkout is available using the username 'anonymous' and password 'anonymous'. We encourage you to use the latest release version above.

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