Invited Talk

CXL Shared Memory with Near Memory Compute for Graph Analytics

Tony Brewer

The presentation will provide a brief introduction to the CXL standard and its support for globally shared fabric attached memory. Once the CXL introduction is provided, the presentation will provide a description of the CXL prototype system that Micron and PNNL are constructing that allows early access to CXL based globally shared fabric attached memory for application porting and performance analysis. Finally, the presentation will provide simulated performance expectations for the graph 500 benchmark when ported to the prototype system.


Tony Brewer is a Micron Fellow and the chief architect in Micron’s Scalable Memory Systems path finding group. He is the principal investigator on multiple government contracts and leads a team of architects and researchers focused on scalable memory systems with near memory compute style architectures. His career has been focused on system architecture in both the high-performance computing as well as the telecommunications industries. Prior to joining Micron in 2015, Tony Brewer was a Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Convey Computer. Tony Brewer received his MS and BS degrees in Computer Engineering from Purdue University and has over 200 filed patents.

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