ASCR Workshop


Presentations and related documents can be found in the workshop SVN. You can access it by following this link (Registration with the SVN is required)

Workshop Presentations
Introduction to the Modeling and Simulation WorkshopAdolfy HoisiePDF
Extreme Scale Architectural IssuesWilliam HarrodPDF
Extreme Scale Software IssuesSonia SachsPDF
Application Modeling and SimulationAdolfy HoisiePDF
Architecture / SystemsSudhakar YalamanchiliPDF
Applications / algorithmsJim BelakPDF
ModelingAdolfy HoisiePDF
SimulationArun RodriguesPDF
Emulation, Multi-Physics Modeling, Testbeds, V and V, proxy, apps, system accessJeff VetterPDF

Workshop Discussions
Abstractions Breakout SessionNathan Tallent, Jim Kahle, Lizy John, Lenny Oliker, Jeff Vetter, Eric Strohmaier, Kalyan KumaranPPT
Modeling and Simulation for Architecture Breakout SessionArun Rodrigues, Krste Asanovic, Dave Mountain, Doe Hyun Yoon., Derek Chiou, Lizy John, Kevin Lin, Dean Klein, Keren Bergman, Shekhar Borkar, Mike Parker, Chris Carothers, Jim Khale, John Hiller, Sudhakar Yalamanchili, Luiz Ceze, Steve Reinhardt, Wilf PinfoldPPT
Runtimes, System Software, Programming EnvironmentsPPT